After Bankruptcy File – What to Do?

Millions of people who filed bankruptcy may this site and resources available here useful to help them start a fresh life after bankruptcy.

We all know that bankruptcy was last resort strategy for you to get rid of harassment caused due to  collection calls from collection agencies, being you were in financial trouble.  But after  receipt of bankruptcy discharge from court,  You no longer have to face collectors constantly harassing you; creditors are barred from pursuing collection of discharged debts for any reason. The bankruptcy discharge order serves as a warning to creditors that their claims have been extinguished and collection activity  cannot take place now and any time in future. The bankruptcy discharge order carries the authority of court and any violations of its terms are subject to punishment.

 Simply Untrue Statement-
“It will be impossible to buy a home or a car or that you can never rebuild your credit”.

There are plenty of opportunities available post bankruptcy discharge, because now you are now debt free, no more obligation and creditors. You can make financial choices independent of other financial institutions. The benefits go on!

Follow and believe in following 3 simple principles after bankruptcy:

  1. Believe in yourself – Find a job or generate a steady mean of income
  2. Only necessary expenses (Make a budget)  – Choose necessary expenses, build a habit of saving and follow it. Do not buy anything that you truly can not afford.
  3. Rebuild credit after bankruptcy takes some time and need patience.


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Steps how to rebuild credit after bankruptcy

Three Tips for Improving Your Credit After Bankruptcy

  • Make sure your credit reports are accurate. Make sure any discharged debts are listed correctly, not as delinquent. Send your requests once every four months to monitor credit bureau’s accuracy on an ongoing basis.
  • Pay your credit card bill as soon as it arrives. – Budget your expenses and pay all bills on time. Use only 30% of your card limit at a time.

Monitor Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is virtually a death sentence to one’s credit records. But you had no other option to save your future.

But good part is that you can rebuild your credit after bankruptcy with systematic financial planning, dedicated work and lot of patience, mind it credit rebuilding takes time. It can not be done overnight. Continue Reading »

Steps to Stop Creditors and Rebuild Credit Report After Bankruptcy Discharge

Yes, it is true that bankruptcy will have an adverse affect on the financial status but an effective credit control and financial planning will help to rebuild the lost financial status. It is therefore highly essential to rectify the post bankruptcy credit report before applying for any further loans and advances. Continue Reading »