Can you buy a house after bankruptcy?

Article by Bg Johnson

Bankruptcy filing is often tagged as an unpleasant cramped with various social stigmas. With bankruptcy filing you lose out on your financial standing and it becomes quite difficult to rise to your previous state again.

However a traumatic phase is not the end of life. Your financial situation may be difficult, but that does not restrict your living altogether. Thinking of buying a house just after bankruptcy may seem an impossible task altogether. But it is not! If you are prudent with handling things it may be an easy fix to your financial crisis.

Two things you need to keep in mind in this respect are:

Be patient while handling important financial issues. Take decisions after careful consideration of various aspects.Time factor is an important element. Normally the time span is 2 yrs after which you can buy a house after the discharge of bankruptcy.

The issue of buying a house after filing bankruptcy involves certain basic guidelines. By following them you can have a better standing and a simplified approach. Here are top 7 tips that you can consider:

Clear credit reports: Having a clean credit report is very important if you want to get home loans. The lenders check your credit report before lending money for mortgage or home loans after bankruptcy. You need to indicate some proof to your lender that you are trying to fix your credit report. It indicates that you are keen on fixing your bad credit so as to get a clean report.Highlight the negative sides: Request for a credit report from the three major credit bureaus. If you find any negative remarks, report them accordingly. The credit bureaus will usually need at least 6 months to update your report. If there are any discrepancies request the bureaus to amend them. This helps in improving your chances for house loans.Be prudent while requesting removals: When requesting for removals never ask for more than four removals in a letter. Even after bankruptcy filing, the report mentions all the debt discharged by you.Make large down payment: A large down payment serves as an aid with home loans. A minimum of 10% down payment is needed. Developing a savings habit will help you to gather the down payment amount.Opt for automatic payments on bills: Automatic bill payments help you avoid defaults with payment, especially in case of loans of any kind. With automatic payments you can remain updated with your payments. If in any case there are any late payments, ensure that you pay it before it is late over 30 days.Clear your debts as fast as possible: In order to buy a house after bankruptcy you need to ensure that there are no pending debts. Pay off your debts as much as possible or totally if possible. It is because your financial condition is taken into account by the lenders before they agree on mortgage.Income ratio:The lender takes an account of your income and your potential monthly payments. You need to have a considerable income source in order to procure home loans.

Apart from these steps there are a few other things you need to think before you consider buying a house after bankruptcy.

After the bankruptcy is discharged, after 2 or 3 years of that date, you would be able to get mortgage loans easily. If you are around the 6-month mark in that 2 years time it is better to wait and have many mortgage loan options as you can.Settle for a house that you can afford comfortably even if your conditions change. Do not opt for something for which you need to stretch your income, expenses and credits.A prepayment penalty accompanies a majority of sub prime home loans. After signing the mortgage documents, if you do not make regular prepayment penalties, you may be in deep problems.

It is thus not an impossible task to get a house just after bankruptcy. If you are prudent on handling your finances getting a house even after bankruptcy filing will not be a dream anymore.

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Author Bio: This article is contributed by BG, an IAPDA Certified Debt Arbitrator working with Oak View Law Group.

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